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Our distributed team services let you recruit high-performing teams without any stress. Hire our smart & skillful talent profiles that feel like they’ve always been a part of the project.

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How Does It Work?

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Hiring remote developers was never this easy

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We begin by bringing together your team to establish a shared vision, goals, and guiding principles. We then work through hiring, onboarding, and training your members. Techtory isn’t just your extended team, it is your team.

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Benefits of Hiring Distributed Teams with Techtory

Low retention rate

Tired of dealing with employee resignations, rage & quiet quitting? Put an end to it with remote hiring.

Exceptional quality candidates

Hire pre-vetted tech teams with high motivation and passion for their work.

Result-oriented outcome

With a laser sharp-vison for success, our team is in it for the long run.

Agile methodology

We preach & practice the agile way of working. This means smoother delivery & faster iteration.

Rigorous vetting

Get access to a large pool of pre-vetted talent to bridge the talent gap.

Compliance and security

Keep your data and IP safe and secure with our global data protection and compliance standards.


A distributed team is a dedicated team of exceptional talent that come together to work on your project. Techtory’s typical distributed team includes one or more remote developers, UI UX designers, python coders, web designers, project managers, and other niche skills which can be increased and decreased based on your requirements. The benefits you ask? With us, you need not worry about talent acquisition, training, or issues related to attrition. Build your distributed team of highly-seasoned talent without any obstacles.

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Hire 10x faster

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