7 Benefits of hiring remote workers in today’s world

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Post the pandemic the working culture has made a drastic change globally. Today, both employers and skilled professionals prefer working from remote places rather than working in an enclosed office space. This gives both the sector of individuals benefits in their own way. Here’s a detailed study about the benefits of remote workers in today’s time. 

1) Remote teams and individuals tend to be more productive 


It is an age-old norm that workers would be less productive or highly distracted if they get the liberty of working from home. However, now the norms have changed and to support this there are studies that emphasize on how productivity shoots up once an employee starts working remotely. 61% of workers said their productivity increased once they started working remotely. Even 68% of hiring managers agreed that after a year of practicing remote working, productivity of their team members has increased drastically. 


The top reasons remote workers attribute to getting more done may not be surprising:


  • No commutes. You can reinvest the time saved from commuting into activities that increase work-life balance and reduce stress (e.g., spending time with family, exercising, meditating, sleeping).
  • Fewer distractions. No more co-workers dropping by your desk or struggling to focus with loud background conversations happening around you.
  • More breaks. Without the pressure of feeling judged, you can take more short breaks throughout the day. These micro breaks may last only a few minutes each, but taking them is shown to increase how much gets done and how well it’s done.
  • Comfortable work environments. You can design a workspace that supports how you focus, think, and create best. No co-workers to complain about your playlist, the temperature of the room, or comment on the 40 cat pictures on your desk.


2) Remote workers register greater satisfaction working remotely 


Studies suggest that remote working not only makes employees productive but also keeps them happy. Workers are able to spend time with their families, they are able to manage work-life balance more efficiently, they feel less stressed – these are just some of the reasons that makes a worker happy working remotely. This in turn leads to:


  • Higher retention rates
  • Higher customer loyalty
  • Higher profitability 
  • Higher employee engagement 


3) Remote teams are pocket friendly 


Businesses save a substantial amount of money by shifting to the remote working model. Firstly these are the savings that make a huge difference:


  • Rent and utilities 
  • Cleaning services
  • Food
  • Taxes 


There are these extended benefits as well with remote working 


  • Companies can hire a talent from outside their locality 
  • Companies can access talent as needed on freelance basis over permanent employees
  • Businesses can operate even in the circumstances of a disaster 
  • Businesses can dodge the relocation cost of employees


4) Access to a wider and better talent pool 


Many businesses are taking the borderless talent pool a step further by hiring freelance team members in specific time zones. This gives them the leverage of having talent that works for them round the clock. There is no question about the fact that remote working erases geographic constraints and this is indeed a huge added benefit in today’s tight labor market because your talent pool can stretch across the country and world, which makes it a whole lot easier to find the exact person you need.


5) Better employee management 


Remote working exhibits benefits that include feeling less stressed, being present for loved ones, and having greater work-life balance. These improvements all lead to an emotionally and mentally healthier person. So when your team members log in to work, they’re more engaged, enthusiastic, energetic, and positive. Apart from this there’s also the trust element. Employees value how you’re trusting them to manage their day. Remote employees still want to feel part of a team and know that the business is supporting their career development.


6) Saves commute time for workers 


According to studies, an employee saved 216 hours each year in time spent commuting, post the pandemic When you factor this in gas, cost of public transportation and wear and tear on a car, reports suggest that, remote work saves about $4,350 annually for each person. 


7) Employees save more money and so does the employer


Remote working encourages employees to stay longer when they calculate how much they save working from home. In addition to the $4,350 individuals save from ditching the commute, individuals save money on eating out—up to $3,470 for some people. The costs add up each time they grab coffee on the way to work, go out for a quick lunch, or join the gang for happy hour. Plus, working remotely can help them save on other services including dry cleaning, meal preparation, and childcare.


Enduring COVID-19 upended lives, society, and the economy so deeply that it broke down the traditional workplace, workforce, and worklife. Some knowledge workers are questioning what work is to them and how it should fit in their lives. Businesses are scrambling to add skills, yet adding headcount isn’t always the best option. 

Numerous studies show that enabling employees to work remotely, and increasing agility with independent professionals, provides both employers and workers what they require to move forward with greater resilience—by putting people first.


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