5 Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring AEM Developers

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If Adobe Experience Manager is the batman of your company, then AEM talent is an equally or more important side-kick, aka, the robin you need. 

What Is Adobe Experience Manager? 

Adobe Experience Manager is your one-stop content, digital asset, and customer experience management solution that allows you to manage all aspects of your content — from planning and design to delivery. What’s undoubtedly the show-stealer aspect of AEM is its power to offer personalized customer experience to meet individual customer needs. 

Challenges of Hiring AEM Developers 

You’d think that with the popularity and reputation AEM has built for itself, there would be a number of talented developers lining up to fill job roles. And while technically true, it’s far from the case. Finding an experienced AEM developer is too hard to pass off to your regular IT team.

You’d be wrong to think that there are other fish in the sea. In the case of AEM developers, it’s rarely the case. Let’s just say, finding an AEM developer is like finding a diamond in the rough. It takes time, but when found, it’s so worth the effort. 

Here are five common mistakes to avoid when finding top AEM talent.

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1) The devil is in the details 

Failure to clearly define job requirements and adequate performance indicators (KPIs) when hiring AEM developers is a big reason for not matching with the right talent. It’s critically important for hiring managers to perfectly understand what is it that is exactly expected from a potential candidate.

2) Ending your job search at Linkedin 

Many hiring managers and recruitment agencies, especially the ones having Linkedin Recruiter service, consider Linkedin to be the beginning and the end of their job search. There’s no doubt about the fact that Linkedin is a champion community of candidates, with new users being added at an average rate of two per second

However, the approach of sticking only with Linkedin may not be the best option when it comes to hiring for a skill as niche as AEM. To find your AEM diamond, it’s advisable to expand your search methods and look far and beyond the walls of your established network. 

3) Ensuring your hiring team understands the exact job requirements 

When we said AEM developers are like finding diamonds, we weren’t kidding. There’s a lot of behind the scene action that goes unaccounted for in this particular hiring journey. One of them includes training your hiring managers to pre-interview and screen candidates before moving their profiles forward for the final rounds. By now you must be aware of what goes into looking for an AEM – a person with above-average skill sets, sound technical knowledge, and experience to manage and troubleshoot errors. 

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This means that the hiring team looking for the candidate should also have the basic technical knowledge to understand if the screening is going in the right direction. You must be thinking this is unnecessary and rather a waste of time, but let us tell you, that without training your hiring managers to identify the right candidate, they will simply pass the baton of thousands of unscreened profiles to the department head, thereby burdening him/her with the tedious task of interviewing candidates which may not be the right fit from the get-go. This is why it’s wise to invest some time in educating the hiring team about your needs. 

4) Hiring a candidate without due consideration 

The truth of the matter is that when you’re on your AEM developer hiring journey, you may soon feel tired and ready to give up. The lack of finding the right candidate may soon become a motivation to take the easy way out and hire just any candidate that comes your way. 

What may seem like a quick fix in the short run may turn out to be more costly and damaging in the future. Remember, good things come to those who wait for them. 

5) Not choosing a niche recruiter for hiring a niche role

Finding a niche recruiter can make all the difference in terms of your talent acquisition process. After all,  a niche recruiter specializes in hiring niche IT talent, so you’re getting the right person who understands what it takes to get this type of role filled by a company. AEM recruiting specialists have knowledge of the AEM environment and know how to build and maintain relationships with AEM developers.

How Can Techtory Help?

We are a full-service staffing and recruiting company that specializes in IT developers with experience in Adobe, Salesforce, Dotnet, Nodejs, and Magento. Our goal is to connect employers with exceptional talent by matching candidates with the companies that need them.

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We provide everything from staff augmentation services to distributed teams and hires for long-term solutions to those looking for them. Looking for top talent for your next project? Send in your requirements at info@techtory.in to get started! 


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