Reasons Why Reactjs Developers Are So Popular And In Demand

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In recent times, ReactJS has emerged as one of the biggest libraries used by developers and businesses. As per Statista, a whopping 42.62% of software developers used React web development making it the second most-used framework in 2022.

So let’s begin with understanding React Web Development?

  • React Web Development is a free, open-source and explanatory JavaScript library that is used for building user interfaces.
  • The primary goal of React web development is to build a fast, scalable and simplified user interface.
  • Complex and dynamic data-driven web applications and interfaces are created with just a single page using React web development.


Now let’s understand what makes React so popular:

  • Easy to learn: React is an easy to understand and apply Javascript library. One can get all the instructions to use this javascript library efficiently.
  • Performance: React has an amazing runtime performance. It saves precious time and is efficient enough to be liked by developers.
  • Supportive: Being an HTML and CSS-based application it is supported by most of the platforms.


Now let’s understand why major corporations are interested in implementing React.js

React.js is one of the most demanded frameworks on the market with a total global usage of about 31.3%. Companies like Netflix, PayPal, eBay, Airbnb and other leading IT companies utilize the tool to develop scalable, easy-to-maintain systems.

1) App development time has been sped up

The framework accepts HTML code as input and provides good support for subcomponent rendering. JSX, an extension with a variety of shortcuts that reduces the amount of time spent writing code, can also assist development teams.

2) Code stability has been improved

Because changes in parent components do not affect children, React.js lowers the impact of code changes. This type of data binding makes software testing easier and ensures that app performance remains consistent after updates are deployed.

3) SEO-friendliness

React.js addresses the problem of search engine crawlers being unable to handle JS-heavy pages. Even a beginner with an entry-level React developer salary can run React on a server and view the code as a standard web page in a browser using the virtual DOM.

4) Toolkit with a lot of power

Debugging and interface design tools are plentiful in React.js.

The tool is updated on a regular basis because the framework is used by so many teams. There’s also no shortage of user-generated content, with dozens of useful React tutorials and case studies available to help you get the most out of the framework.

Here is why React could have a long future ahead of it

  1. You will have no trouble finding solutions to your concerns.
  2. There are numerous pre-built solutions and third-party packages available.
  3. With more contributors, the project can produce features in greater numbers and with better testing.


Additionally, Facebook created and maintains React and Facebook isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s clear that React has a higher chance of surviving because a solid entity ensures its maintenance and long-term support.

To be honest, independent projects like Vue and Laravel have evolved to the point where their communities are really powerful, so the gap isn’t that significant.

React as a project encourages gradual upgrades, has a consistent release schedule, and hundreds of active contributors, all of which are critical for its long-term viability.

Unfortunately, because the web advances so quickly, many open source projects die away in a number of years. No one can predict which technologies will survive or be replaced, but React stands a high chance of lasting and improving for a long period without becoming a dead project.

Salaries of React Developers in Major Countries

So, let’s have a look at the current React wage in some of the world’s most popular countries. Given the significant demand for React developers’ abilities and expertise, the market for these individuals is undoubtedly competitive.

  • USA: $95,432
  • UK: $80,328
  • Switzerland: $125,011
  • France: $55,849
  • Ukraine: $29,300


Staff augmentation, freelancing, and outsourcing are all cheaper alternatives to hiring a developer. But it majorly depends on your needs and budget.

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