9 Must-have Qualities to Look for When Hiring Node.js Developers

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In the last few years, the popularity of Node.js spread like wildfire. šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„

Node.js adoption has become widespread, particularly for IoT development and real-time collaboration gadgets such as chatbots and bots. But what grew even bigger, was the demand for highly skilled Node.js developers. If youā€™re out there, looking to hire Nodejs developers, you know what we mean.Ā 

The Importance of Hiring the Right Node.js Developer

Critical factors need to be taken into account when you want to hire Nodejs developers. Given the technical expertise, experience, and skill required for the role of Node JS developer, it is important for organizations to employ methods and tools that ensure an objective assessment of candidatesā€™ competencies. No wonder the role of a Node Js developer is highly coveted in the tech business.Ā 

In this article, we will break down the skills you should look for when hiring a NodeJS developer. A skilled developer can make all the difference in boosting the success of your project.Ā 

9 Must-have Skills for Node.js Developers

Let the game of skills begin āš”āš”āš”

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1) A world of experience to speak for their skillsĀ 

The number one thing employers look for when hiring Node.js developers is experience. Experience in the field, experience with specific projects, and the ability to prove their skills with a portfolio are all important things to include when you’re looking at your options.

2) Creating web application frameworks

The Node.js framework is a popular choice for building both enterprise and consumer web applications, as it allows access to multiple frameworks and libraries which can be used for a rich user experience. The custom module is a well-known technique that helps you to develop your own application easily. Hence it is necessary that Nodejs developers be well-versed in whatever comes their way.Ā 

3) Familiarity with frontend technologiesĀ 

A great thing about Node.js is that it makes building web applications simple. But, on the flip side Nodejs developers will need to know how to use front-end languages such as HTML and CSS when building user engagement. Nodejs developers are involved in all aspects of software development and hence it is a big tick if the developer is confident switching smoothly between the backend and front end.Ā 

4) Diligently understanding database managementĀ 

The best node.js developers know how to use databases and integrate them, process data, and build logic for that information. They also understand how to do things like maintain security and perform backups of their databases. This can be accomplished through ongoing maintenance of databases as well as creating mechanisms that prevent hackers from exploiting them along with basic database management duties.

5) Champion of compliant coding

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Effective Node.js coding is a must for a developer. Non-bloated software will ensure that the app runs efficiently and effectively, which in turn ensures your project stays on track. More experienced developers will also be able to modify the code easily and make modifications themselves so that it adheres to what they want. The goal is to make the system reliable, effective, and efficient while avoiding having anyone else struggle while trying to work with your code.

6) Ace asynchronous programming

Node.js developers need to be familiar with asynchronous programming in order to use the WebSockets API for event-driven and non-blocking applications. They also need to understand how Node.js works with a hosting service such as Google App Engine or IBM’s Watson Cloud Database, which can improve their productivity tenfold when compared with writing a web server from scratch.

7) Testing and error-handling skillsĀ 

If you are looking for a good Node.js developer, the first thing you should look for is whether the developer has expertise and experience in test-driven development. Meticulous testing and immediate bug fixing by experienced Node.js developers are imperative for both success and long-term growth.

8) Integrating API communicationĀ 

The Node.js ecosystem is one of the most robust ecosystems in the world. There are a lot of existing tools and projects that can make software development in Node.js much simpler. These projects can be integrated with the existing systems using APIs. A good Node.js developer must be equipped to work smarter, using these existing RESTful APIs and other basic APIs and integrating multiple systems for better software development.

9) Gets things done on timeĀ 

Last but not the least, being a good Node.js developer is not all about learning to code JavaScript and mastering the syntax of the language but a good Node.js developer is about being able to meet deadlines, learn new things fast, and adapt quickly. Thus, it is essential that you are looking for developers who can set up deadlines and follow them accordingly without any hiccups in the project implementation process.

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